About the filmmaking team

A huge thank you to all the participants in the film

A special thank you to all the participants who generously participated their time in the making of this documentary over four years from 2015 to 2019.

Director, Writer, Producer, Camera and Sound

Director Heather Kirkpatrick worked solo in the production of this film over the last four years. There are many financial challenges raising a budget when operating as a fully independent filmmaker, so being a one woman production team, proved to be the most viable option to getting the film made. The advantages of this were that the Heather was able to record very personal, intimate and revealing stories from participants without the intimidating factors of a large film crew with big cameras. The virtues of having lighter weight equipment, meant Heather was just able to transport 40 kg of equipment herself, around Australia and the world as she filmed.

The Editing Team

Heather spent one year distilling the story from 160 hours of footage to 3 hours. She then received amazing story crafting and editing advice from Ray Thomas in Sydney. The story would simply not have been possible without the input of Ray’s enormous wisdom and storytelling genius. Ray helped distill the footage into the final 96 minute feature documentary.

Local technical editing support was also gratefully received in Hobart from Benjamin Nelan, Matt Woodham, Ryan Walsh and Michael Sampey. Thank you so much to Kim Willing for transcribing all the footage. Thanks for superb motion graphics work by Chris Rees and Benjamin Nelan.

Stills and Graphic Design

Kristy Dowsing is a photographer and design extraordinaire. Her technical brilliance and creative genius have contributed enormously to the film’s production with stills, publicity and graphic design.

The Post Production Team

Thank you for a superb sound mix from Mike Gissing, excellent website design by Andy Townsend Design and colour grading by Michael Sampey.

Filmmaker with Syrian child rescued in Mediterranean Aug 2015. Credit: Unknown
Filmmaker Heather with Syrian child rescued in Mediterranean Aug 2015. Credit: Russell Hawkins
Ray Thomas. Credit: Unknown
Ray Thomas.Credit: Supplied
Kristy Dowsing
Kristy Dowsing.Credit: Steve Lovegrove