Interviews requested

Interview requests were not accepted by:

Kevin RuddPrime Minister 2013
Scott MorrisonImmigration Minister 2013 – 2014
 Prime Minister since 2018
Peter DuttonMinister for Immigration & Border Protection 2014 – 2017
 Minister for Home Affairs since 2017
Bill ShortenOpposition Leader 2013 – 2019
The ExecutiveLady Cilento Hospital – Brisbane
The ExecutiveSydney Children’s Hospital Network

International Health & Medical Services Statement

IHMS, the detention health provider, declined an interview but provided the
statement below on the 13th November 2018.

IHMS is an apolitical, medically-led health services provider, and we believe that refugees and asylum seekers, as with all patients, have the right to high-quality health care. IHMS medical professional operates within a very robust clinical governance system with a mission to deliver high quality, medically appropriate healthcare with humanity and cultural sensitivity.